Is LASIK safe ? These are the top risks of Laser eye surgery

When you think about a laser beam aimed at your eyes, the question that will run through your mind, no matter what medical assurances you get will always be: Is LASIK surgery safe? Lasik surgery has become one of the most common eye surgery, and is used to treat vision problems such as myopia, longitudinal and astigmatism. Despite medical assurances, some are afraid of surgery. Eyes are not something that can be risked that easy, and the question that remains unanswered for many is whether Lasik surgery is safe or there is some risk.

Doctors assure but patients still insist: Is Lasik surgery safe?
“Lasik is the safest and most effective procedure in the field of ophthalmology at all,” said Dr. Eric Duninfeld, former president of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Eye health experts confirm the scarcity of serious complications from LASIK surgery, which is also reflected by the popularity of the surgery. But nothing in this world is 100% safe, a report from Medical Daily shows the possible symptoms and risks of LASIK surgery, albeit there are little chance of occurrence.

Why have LASIK surgery become so widespread?
The word LASIK is an abbreviation of laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. The idea of ​​this surgery is to use the laser beam to remove part of the cornea – the outer layer that forms a dome in the front of the eye – and modify the shape, which leads to correcting the problems of consideration. Laser surgery has become very common, because it is better than any alternative.

Contact lenses sometimes have problems, some have difficulties during the installation process, others have problems with the eye after gluing, as well as the possibility of being affected by dust and wind. Eyeglasses are uncomfortable for a number of reasons; they cost you the trouble to carry them everywhere, or are dangerous; because of the nature of your work, or the time it takes you to wear and care for them, or simply the cost.

You may be wondering if LASIK surgery is safe? Especially if you are thinking of having it, you will definitely want to know the risks and possible side effects of surgery.

Here are the risks of LASIK surgery and its possible side effects
Dry eyes: The most common effect that spreads among these categories, but it is temporary and can be reduced
The risk of dry eye is the most common side effect of LASIK surgery, but fortunately it happens for a temporary period. Patients may experience a dry eye during a few weeks to six months after the procedure. This side effect is particularly common among older people, people with autoimmune disorders or those taking certain drugs. Your surgeon may recommend simple steps to reduce the risk of eye dryness, such as using eye drops or taking dietary supplements containing flaxseed oil or fish oil.

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