How does your pet think about you? «A huge cat naive!»

Have you ever wondered about your pet’s feeling towards you? What does your dog want when he looks at you with his wide eyes or what does your cat want to tell you when it sit next to you and lick your hand as it meowing ?

The understanding of animals around them and what goes on in their mind is what the animal behavior or ethology has tried to understand; a science that began in the twenty-first century and developed rapidly because of mankind’s urgent desire to discover the organisms that live with us on this planet, About themselves. Animal behaviorists believe that human understanding of the nature of animal behavior and the purpose of their behavior with the external environment may provide a clear explanation of some innate human behavior as well. The animal is the first natural teacher of humans, because they lived on Earth millions of years ago.

we will try to give you a background on the psychological and visual nature of animals that we may deal with in our daily lives.

Dog .. You see protection and it sees you safety net

Dogs are one of the first animals to be mastered by humans. This is due to the urge within the dog to help humans and to serve man. One of the most controversial issues about this animal is whether it is able to understand the language or not. Is it capable of using bark and other sounds Along with the movements of his enthusiastic tail and physical condition; to express himself as a kind of language for dogs?

In the beginning it was clear that the dog can understand the psychological state of the owner talking to him through the tone of his voice and features of his face, such as the tone of pampering or reprimand; as an instinctive reaction moves the dog’s body according to the understanding of the psyche of the owner, if the tone of his friend happy he will move his tail enthusiastically and jump, while The scornful tone and the scruffy face make him look at the ground in shame, but later he knew that the dog had more cognitive abilities than that.

In his studies since 1990, the doctor of psychology and neurology Stanley Korny has been keenly interested in dogs. His study has shown that the ability of the dog is greater than the psychological state of its owner, but it has the ability to save between 100 words and 250 words according to its intelligence. The study revealed that the dog perceives the world around him like a child who is two or three years old.

We all saw a child running towards the door of the house when he realized that his father was ringing the bell, shouting loudly. My father came home and repeated it a lot. Did you know that the attitude of the dog when the owner returns is exactly the same as the child’s position?

In a study at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, the researchers were interested in answering an important question: if the dog is a two-year-old child, and most dog breeders treat him as a small family member, does the dog see his father as his father? The answer was yes! Your dog thinks you are his father / mother! This is not a metaphor for how much you love him, but that phrase is literally real.

The researchers came to this conclusion after several tests, the most important of which was a test called “safety net,” a term that describes the way the child looks at his parents when he faces a new environment or a stressful situation that he feels tense and rushed to his parents to seek protection. When the researchers put the dog in the same The psychological state of their reactions was similar to the reactions of children exactly, such as the first day in school for the child, or to introduce new games for the dog.

While parents are less motivated to do something because their father or mother is not here to encourage or dissuade them, the dog wants psychological support from you exactly as your child wants, and while you see the dog as a source of protection or Guard, he sees his safety net and you are always encouraged.

What is interesting is that even though the dog considers himself to be a member of the family, he also has to recognize the difference between man and animal, so the way to play with his dogs is different from playing with humans. He understands the difference between them and understands what to do and what It should be avoided when playing with the human, and this makes us – the owners of dogs – the chosen alternative family of the dog, he sees you as his father, but he does not look at you as a dog too.

Do you want to know what your shape is for your spoiled dog?

Psychological perception of the outside world in dogs. It was not only the nature of the animals that darsi worked. There is also the visual vision of the dog. Did you ask yourself how a dog sees you with his eyes? Do you see black and white as some have imagined for a long time? The answer is no. In fact the ability of visual dogs is very similar with human sight but with some differences in color.

There is a website where you can know exactly how your dog sees you, and this site gives you the opportunity to upload any image on this site and it converts it to you for another picture showing how the dog sees that picture, you can upload your picture on this site and see if you are handsome enough in the eyes Your dog or not?

What is this big naive cat?

Unlike dogs, cats are not aware of the difference between them and humans. John Bradshaw, an expert in cat behavior at Bristol University, has confirmed that the cat sees its owner like a big cat, so cats do with each other like physical contact, They are the same acts that cats do with each other, but for your cat, you are always a little naïve; because you do not act like cats, in her mind you always think there is something wrong with you and repeat to herself, “What is this big naive cat?”

catBut cats are not completely “stupid”. They can differentiate between the personalities of the objects around them, so you may find them dealing with someone differently. For example, if a family member usually wakes up early, you will realize that this is the person who jumps on his bed. Early morning to wake him up to give her food.

John explained in an interview with National Geographic that there is a common misconception about cats: that they are relaxed all the time and are not interested in anything, but this is not true – explains John – she is under great psychological pressure because of lack of social contact with small cats that resemble her, They live with a large cat who does not understand or understand the existence of cats from the ground, and some physical diseases that attack the cat such as dermatitis and cystitis; it became clear that these problems due to stress coupled with the association of inflammation of the bladder wall with hormones of tension in the blood.

John, therefore, recommends that cats stop injecting drugs and chemicals into the body of their cat, preferably looking for a permanent friend or child. They will make social contact with these cats uninterrupted. It develops to bring another cat in the house to live with your cat. The cats do not accept intruders, they can interact with a guest, but they do not accept a new resident.

Learn about the distinctive cat sight!
The passion for cats behind running lights, such as laser pens, is not only due to their original nature of hunting or the desire to play. It has to do with how the cat perceives the world through its eyesight. The cat has a wider view of humans and can see the surrounding Better than human.

This is in addition to its strong visibility at night and therefore the lighting of the laser pen is more bright for her than humans, perhaps because cats belong to the night objects, which increase activity after midnight to dawn; and at this time is the distinctive sight is the weapon in the smooth movement at home , And the oval shape of this weapon – the eye of the cat – is one of the most important reasons for its broad vision.

But this strong sight of cats does not give her a bright view of the world; the dot sees the world after her eyes are blue and gray; her vision is like seeing dogs but with less colors.

Fish is not as boring as some imagine!

For a very long time, animal behaviorists have thought that fish is not the ideal spoiled animal, it is difficult for the owner to interact with it, it seems cool and does not distinguish its owner from the ground, but in 2016 it changed.

In a study published by the network «CNN» under the supervision of the University of Oxford; I explained that fish can distinguish the faces of humans, and can recognize the teacher and eye him from among strangers, the result called researchers in the study of large discovery, Between face and post this requires as a certain cognition not known about the fish to enjoy.

Animals with narrow perception can not distinguish between human beings. They see all faces as abstract features; eyes, nose and mouth, but to distinguish the formal differences that give each person his own appearance; they show a broad and distinctive perception, but the study confirmed that those results do not Apply to some fish that have no vision of origin.

«Nemo» see the colors of what you do not see
The world of the sea is full of bright colors; it drives the sea lover to dive and watch it, but if you dive into the sea and meet the tumbler that we have known as “nemo” for the movie finding nemo, make sure that you enjoy it more than you do; Colors that are difficult for your human eye to see.

In a study by a team of sensory neurosurgeons under the Queensland Institute of Neuroscience, they proved that there is more than one type of fish with a strong visual ability to color, asserting that these fish see colors not seen by humans, and next to the tumbler fish; The Goldfish, which is one of the most popular species of fish entering households and human beings in a small aquarium as a pet.

Unlike the fish .. Turtle is already boring!

If the turtle does not have the ability to know enough to understand the feelings of pampering and intimacy, and any contact between them and the person who raises them; It is an unpleasant contact on her part, especially if this contact on her stone back, some people think that the movement of her feet during the massage of her back express happiness, but those kicks tell you to stop touching and leave it alone.

The other thing that may fool the turtle breeders is some of the friendliness that grows between the turtle and the breeder especially at the time of feeding. Unfortunately, let me tell you that it does not respond to you; it responds to food only, and you have realized its limited awareness and linked you to a policeman with food and nutrition and if given any kind of courting That these feelings belong to food does not concern you.

The visual vision of turtles is not very different from human vision; only in one factor, which is the tyranny of red on the scene you see, and dye it sometimes

Horses .. feel you!

Do you have problems satisfying your favorite horse? If the answer is yes, all you have to do is look at his face and smile more than once, as if you are telling him that you are satisfied with him. The horse can distinguish the expressions of the human face and then start with its psychological state, it may be tense and not smooth

In a study conducted at the University of Sussex in Britain, the study’s psychologists discovered that if a horse looks at the person and finds anger on his face, his heartbeat begins to increase and then turns his face away from the angry human face and sees him with his left eye only. The dog, when he realizes that his owner is angry, has been interpreted by Dr. Amy Smith, a study scientist, as saying that animals using her left eye in the face of anger are trying to calm herself down and analyze angry feelings and why.

The study confirmed that the horses are aware of their cognitive strength, because they can not distinguish these feelings and positive and negative energy only on human beings, but also in photographs and video clips. Therefore, if you are a horse lover, you have to deal with him as a godly dog. He understands you and feels you during your stress or anger, and he needs to feel your true love for him, so that his distraction is an enjoyable journey for you.

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