Bottle Cap Challenge Went Viral

Bottle Cap Challenge Went Viral


Are you up to a challenge? Get some bottle and try this bottle cap challenge! Have the possible great kick that you can.

But what is it about this newest bottle cap challenge?

In today’s era, there are a lot of challenges that people have been trying. Whether what kind of challenge is that, people bravely took the test to prove that they can do or surpass it. For more than years, people always get updated on what is happening on social media from celebrities, politics, hottest news, down to the latest trends.

No one wants to be left behind on talking about trending videos, memes, and even the latest challenges on social media.

One of the latest challenges that make people do it is the Bottle Cap Challenge.

Many people wonder about, “How bottle cap challenge exactly work?”.

Although it is not the foremost related bottle challenge that goes viral on the internet, still many participants can do more and not just flip a bottle.

This challenge is unscrewing a cap just using a roundhouse kick, and the bottle should be knocked down. The trick here is that before doing the challenge, the cap should be loosened up. If you want to go viral as you do this challenge, make someone hold your camera and bottle steady. Many participants who accepted the challenge have been posting their videos in slow motion, making it look more impressive.

But who has come up with this kind of idea?

The one who has come up with this challenge is still unclear. However, these viral videos of bottle-up-kicking widely first circulated in the circle of mixed martial arts. But there is a possibility that it was started by a champion in Kazakh Taekwondo, Farabi Davletchin, who is also good in goading. When Mr. Davletchin posted his video with cap-kicking on Instagram, he comes up with a hashtag ‘#farakickschallenge.’ Mr. Davletchin called out various celebrities such as Conor McGregor, Jackie Chan, Jason Statham, and Jean-Claude Van Damme to take his bottle cap challenge.

Unluckily, the hashtag of his posted video of cap-kicking is not catching on, however, but his challenge did.

The Popularity of Bottle Cap Challenge

The famous fashion designer, Errolson Hugh, had posted a cap-kicking video and put a hashtag ‘#bottlecapchallenge’. In just a week, it reached a million views. Then he challenged the featherweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Max Hollway.

Then Mr. Hollway never hesitates to take the challenge, so he did the bottle cap challenge and posted a video with it. In just four days, it hit two million views. Then he challenged the famous musician, John Mayer.

The challenge continues, Mr. Mayer called out for Mr. Statham to accept the bottle cap challenge. Also, the former champion of UFC and a fighter of mixed martial arts, Mr. McGregor is up to the challenge, so he joined in. Then he challenged the boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather. The two famous challengers have met in a boxing match in 2017 wherein on the 10th round Mr. Mayweather was declared as the champion.

Furthermore, the video of Mr. Statham got 14 million views, while Mr. McGregor got 9 million views.

If you are into this bottle cap challenge, make sure that you have enough space for your roundhouse kick. Just be safe in taking the bottle cap challenge and have fun.