19 Things Every Man “or all mens” Should Be Able to Do In His 20’s

have no fear gentleman you have time, we all have time, but while you wait, here are 20 things you should know and be able to do that can get you started on your way to being an all-encompassing, well-rounded, interesting man.

1. Turn a steak beef one time and one time only. Starting simple, but very important. Don’t get to nervous with your beef by flipping it every 30 seconds. It just makes you look weak. Once you put that steak on the grill have the confidence in turning it just once to create that perfect crust on the outside and just the right cook time inside.

2. How to do simple maintenance. Own a good tool set and know how to use them. Whether it’s being able to fix your own place or help someone else. You need these skills.

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