44 Business Traveling Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Stress & Money

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In theory, traveling for a conference seems glamorous. Your company is paying for you to go someplace new and exciting where you’ll stay in swanky hotels, meet lots of fabulous people, and learn tons of new things.

But sometimes, reality isn’t so sweet. Maybe your flight gets delayed, or your luggage gets lost, or your hotel room has a barely functional A/C unit, or your favorite suit somehow ends up with coffee all over it.
Not so glamorous after all.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to stack the deck in your favor. I polled my teammates — all frequent business travellers — to find out their favorite hacks and tricks for making conference travel more enjoyable. Below is what they recommend you do on your next conference trip.

Planning Your Trip
1) Make sure you understand your company’s expense policies. Knowing what kinds of things you can expense and how the whole process works will help you make smart purchasing decisions on the road.

2) Let Twitter and Facebook know you’ll be in town to get recommendations from locals.

3) Are all the hotel rooms booked or too expensive? Try staying in an AirBnB instead.

4) Delete your browser’s cookies (or use an incognito browser) before you book your trip — it could reduce your fare. Some airlines and other travel sites will show you higher rates each time you come back to their site.

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